Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Budding Artist?

Remember this post? Well, my son still loves to play with pens, but recently he learned that they draw on everything. I am starting to see pieces of his "art" throughout my house.


He decided to decorate his "forehead protectors" on our coffee table. He did this when I was sitting right next to him, studying. Daddy was supposed to be watching him.

Now, after seeing that, I picked up all the pens and put them away. He is no longer allowed to play with them. Imagine my surprise when I saw this in his play room.


He must have swiped a pen from my stash. Sneaky Little Man!

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Stephanie Kizer said...

That's funny, I remember the first time our oldest Eden wrote the alphabet in it's entirety was on her bedroom wall. That day she also drew a fairy and her little sister Toni drew a spider.