Sunday, March 15, 2009


I hate living in the south in the spring. Yes, the weather is beautiful. BUT we have this pesky yellow stuff. Now I know it is everywhere, but it seems like it is worse in the south. It makes my eyes water, my nose run, then makes me cough and my throat hurt. It makes life miserable for about 2-3 months.

Some years ago, while reading the paper, I found the funniest comic depicting life with pollen. I have searched and searched to no avail to find this same comic. Since I could not find it, I decided to make one that looked similar. The comic had two little kids staring out the window, at what looked like snow. I could not find that picture, so I found one close, and after some editing, give you this...


Ok, so maybe that is a little extreme, but somewhat true. We had a short rain shower last night, which meant some of the pollen puddled. This is what awaited me this morning.


And this is what happens when we get a lot of rain. No, that's not foam or bubbles on top of the water... its pollen. This last picture was a cell phone pic, sorry its not of the best quality.


How much longer till summer?

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