Monday, May 11, 2009

Saving the Dog

I totally forgot to add this in my Mother's Day post!

Friday when we got to the lake, we decided to fish for a little before it got dark. We walked down to the dock, and about half way out, we see a dog. The dog was STUCK under the dock, on top of the Styrofoam that keeps it floating. We tried to get the dog to jump into the water, and it did not want to move.

We called animal control, and they close at 5 pm. Nice. This was about 6 pm. An hour late. Story of my life.

About this time, a boater showed up to dock his boat. He jumped in the water, and tried to get the dog out too. We found some rope, and put it around the dog's neck, trying to pull it into the water. He kept getting stuck on the re barb on top of the Styrofoam.

More and more people were showing up. At this time, I decided to call the police department, thinking maybe they could get in touch with animal control to free this poor dog. It took animal control an hour to call me back, and he said he would be there in about an hour.

Meanwhile, some guys showed up with a saw, and cut part of the side of the dock, making it easier for the dog to get into the water. That dog did NOT want to get wet. We think he ended up in the water somehow, and freaked, swimming up under the dock, and that is why he did not want to get back into the water.

The guys tried again to pull the dog into the water, they tried to push him into the water. This dog was not going into the water.

Just when they were about to give up, someone shows up with a drill. They take two planks off of the top of the dock, and the dog emerges! FREE! The dog stayed around for a little, just to say thanks, then took off for the woods.

We headed back to the house, right as the animal control guy was calling me to tell me he was on the way. Little late, buddy. I felt good that we helped save a trapped dog, but bad that animal control could not pick him up, and help him find his home. Hopefully he headed that way!

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hydrantgirl said...

Wow, that's nuts! Glad you got him free