Saturday, May 30, 2009

13 weeks!

I am almost 13 weeks! YEA. The end of the first trimester is a nice place to be.

For the most part, I think my energy is coming back, and my morning sickness seems to be headed out the window. I am SO happy to have that morning sickness gone! It hit me like a brick in the head the past few weeks.

I had an appointment on Thursday. It was supposed to be a normal appointment, listen to the heartbeat, talk about concerns, etc... it turned into a sick visit.

I woke up at 4 am with the stomach flu. I was out of town also, so I had to drive over an hour and a half in traffic while sick to get to my appointment. My doctor gave me medicine, and my sweet mom came over and took care of me and Little Man. She brought me medicine and some fluids, and loved on me and played with Little Man until he napped. I napped when he did, and when he got up, my mom, or Gram, as she is called, got Little Man up and fed him lunch and played with him until my husband got home. I am SO happy to be back up here and close to my family!

I slept pretty much all afternoon and night on Thursday, and was back to about 90% on Friday. I am 100% today and very happy to be back to normal!

We also had a pre-inspection on our house on Friday. It did not go well. We had the actual inspection today, and the inspector made us feel A LOT better than the guy did on Friday. The guy from Friday freaked me out! Today, our inspector told us pretty much everything that needs to be fixed on the house, and honestly, its not that much. Some siding needs to be replaced, we have some termites (termite guy coming out Monday to tell us how much damage has been caused. I don't think much, since the main foundation of the house is concrete), the porch top rail needs to be replace, minor stuff like that too. My only concern is the termites. If they have invaded the whole house, we will have to walk away, but I highly doubt that they have. We only saw evidence of them in one place on the whole house.

I did have to reschedule my nuchal translucency scan because I was so sick. They asked me to have a full bladder, and I could not even keep down water, so there was no way! I have that on Tuesday morning.

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