Monday, December 6, 2010

Mama's Birthday

My birthday was Saturday. Ack! I am 30 now. I guess I am officially old.

Stephen took Little Man to the Dollar Store so Little Man could pick out presents for me. Little Man actually wanted me to come with him, so I came, but I stayed in the car. About 45 minutes later, Little Man and Daddy emerged, with two Christmas gift bags in hand.

We headed home and I started setting up for Little Miracle's birthday party. After a little setting up, I hear Little Man calling me to come in the living room. He wanted to give me (and Little Miracle) my birthday presents. I tried telling him that my birthday was the next day and Little Miracle's was still a few days away, but he insisted.

Little Miracle opened his first. Little Man picked out a basketball night light, a Spiderman book and a box of brownie mix for Little Miracle. We put the night light in his room then Little Miracle proceeded to chew all over the book and brownie mix box.

Little Man then handed me the bag. I opened the card. It was a Christmas card with a place for a gift card, but he picked it out himself, and that was the card he wanted Mama to have.

In the bag was a Toy Story Frisbee that both boys tried to steal from me.


A container of zip-ties.


And a hair brush.


Little Man did good.


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