Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trying Not To Stress

I'm trying really hard not to stress and worry about this pregnancy.

But its almost impossible.

Once you have had one loss, you lose the innocence of pregnancy. Your brain can not "not worry" about every little thing.

I am going in to see my midwife tomorrow for blood work. I have had low progesterone in every pregnancy so far, so I do not think this one will be any different. I need to get started on progesterone quickly so my levels stay high enough to support the pregnancy.

I am also going to see if they will do an early ultrasound. I know some of you do not believe in early ultrasounds, but I am considered high risk. Since I have had a molar pregnancy, my chances of having it reoccur are 1 in 100. I need the ultrasound to make sure it is not a molar pregnancy again and to make sure everything is growing like it should. Once molar is ruled out, I will only have the 20 week ultrasound unless something comes up.

I have already decided to opt out of most of the screening tests. The ones that made me stress out with Little Miracle. If they will not give me a definite answer, I do not want them.

We are also considering planning a home birth this time around. I am still not sure if that is what I want but since Little Miracle came so fast, it may be the best option for us.

I am trying to think of a nickname for this baby for the blog, but so far I am hitting a wall. I have nicknames for either sex, but not one that will work not knowing the sex yet. I will try to think of something soon for you guys!


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Kathryn said...

I agree with early ultrasounds...especially for women like us that are considered high risk. Easier said then done...but try and relax. I get good vibes honey!