Monday, January 12, 2009

Big Letdown

Man I was excited for that phone call today. I had an appointment for blood work again today (the 6th for this "pregnancy"... but who is counting?). I sat by the phone, determined to call my doctor at 4 pm if his nurse had not called me by then. I just knew I was at zero. I mean, I was at 23 two weeks ago... and my cycle has returned. I just knew that meant I was at zero. At about 3:35 my phone rings. Its the nurse, and I just know she is going to tell me I am at zero!

Nope. I am crushed. My results from today were 4.69. I know, that's really close to zero, even considered negative in some labs, but not mine. Now the doctor wants to see me again in 2 months! I am going to call him back later and see about still seeing him every week until I finally hit zero, then I want to talk about trying to conceive again. I know it all seems so fast, I had my surgery just over a month ago, but I am ready to move on, and get pregnant again with a healthy baby. My doctor first said I have to wait 6 months from zero to try again. I just want to know when I hit zero, and know when the countdown starts! If I have to wait this long, I want to have a countdown from zero.

Thanks for reading my whining.


SouthernMama said...

Sorry for the disappointment! I wish my doctor had been a little more thorough. He was happy with a negative home preg test. I read somewhere one mole puts out 10 hCG's. Don't know if that is correct, but that may be why many labs consider any number under 5 to be safe. Praying you get the go ahead soon! I know the waiting is hard.

jennifer said...

your not whinning your releasing and that is will all work out and be fine..i know the frustration believe me..miss you