Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update From My Doctor

So after my beautiful letdown the other day, I emailed my doctor wanting more answers. This is what I got!

They will do the blood work when ever I want, so I scheduled my next one for 2 weeks. I want to know when I am at zero. He also said that he wants me to be at zero for four months before trying again. Four months sure beats the six he originally told me!

I also emailed a doctor up in Boston who spealizes in these things. He said he makes his paitents be at zero for three months before trying again.

I am doing better today. I am determined to get to zero, then convince my doctor that four months is just not gonna work for me. I am gonna convince him that three is long enough! I want off this train as soon as possible!

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jennifer said...

leave it in Gods hands and everything will be are strong..but i feel your frustration and you are not whinning you are releasing and that is very healthy and good so Stephen doesnt get it all..i know David would get tired of hearing and going to the dr. too ya jen