Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History Being Made....

This morning, little man and I spent the day playing and watching the news. I know he does not understand what is going on today, and he will not understand the importance of the day until much later. I did explain to him what is happening, and how the country has a new leader. He is sleeping right now, as the new president is addressing the nation. He is the first president my son will ever know, and I am praying he is a good one.

No matter how you felt about him during the election, now is the time to support him. I did not vote for him, but I will support him. He is our new leader, and my husbands new boss. I am praying for him daily, as he tries to bring the nation away from war, and out of the economic crisis that we are in. I am terrified to see how the world reacts, and terrified of the repercussions that will happen if we withdraw from the war too quickly, but on the same hand, I am excited to see if he can bring all Americans together, and make us all proud of him.

Lets all, as Americans, ban together and support and pray for the new president of our country.