Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Dance

I am doing a happy dance today. You know, when you throw your arms up in the air, and jump up and down? Yeah, I know, bad mental picture. If you know me, you know I can't dance!

Why am I doing a happy dance you ask? Well... Several things!

*My blood work was great! We are finally negative!*

*I found out a good friend of mine is pregnant after a miscarriage last month. And so far everything looks good*

*Several of my "online friends" had great appointments today!*

*Little man took a 2 hour nap*

*My doctor said we are cleared to conceive again after one more blood draw in March*

My doctor has once again shortened my wait! He said I am "disgustingly healthy" and we should be "good to go" after the March blood work!

Yep. Starting in March, well, mid-March, my husband and I will be, once again, on the trying to conceive bandwagon!!

I have become obsessed with having a 2009 baby every since I was due in July. Now I know it is a possibility. If we get pregnant in March, we will be due in December. I know it is not my timing, but Gods, however I am excited to have the chance again!