Sunday, January 25, 2009

We Now Have...

Soft, non-dangerous corners on the coffee table! I have been meaning to get corner guards since he hit his head last week. My husband did not think we needed them, but I have been SO nervous with him around the table. My thought is, what if he did it again, and hit his eye? I don't want to permanently disable my child. So, as usual, mom wins and we got the bumpers. After I put them on, Daddy told little man to try them out. I think he wants him to hit his head again. Please don't stress mom out!

And here is his head today... I have no idea what the little red scab is to the left of the big one. That was not there the other day.

We also got him a potty. I know it is WAY too early for potty training, but we went ahead and bought one so he can play with it, and get used to sitting on it.

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