Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Little Man loves playing with my camera. He knows he is not allowed to, but I often find him with my camera strap around his neck, pretending to take pictures. Telling his brother and his toys to all say cheese, standing back and saying “click” to take a picture.

To keep him from playing with my camera, we bought him a “kid” camera. One that takes crappy pictures, but will not break when dropped. Bad thing is it eats batteries so fast he hardly gets to take a few pictures before its dead. Then he is left looking for my camera again.

He finds it and continues to "take" his pictures until I spot him playing with it, take it back and remind him that we don’t play with Mommies camera because it would take all of the money in his piggy bank {and then some} to fix it if it breaks.

He says "yes ma'am" and goes off to play. I then put my camera up in a high place where he can not reach it and go about my day.

He has not played with the camera to my knowledge in several months.

Imagine my surprise when I went to get pictures off of it yesterday and saw this.


Funny. I didn’t remember taking a picture of my living room. With the snow flakes hanging from the ceiling, so within the last month.

The next picture was this


My Little Miracle, taken from a height not much taller than him. With a long sleeve shirt on. Hum. The past few days have been really warm. We did have a cold snap a few weeks ago, but I still don’t remember taking this picture.

I continued flipping thru the pictures. Some more of the living room, some of the ceiling fan and a few that were too blurry to decipher. I was beginning to suspect Little Man.

But this picture gave him up


Ah, yes, those would be Little Mans new light up Cars shoes.



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