Friday, January 6, 2012

Introducing: My Kids

Since I started this blog, I have made it a point not to post my kids faces on it. I thought it was for safety, keep my kids faces off the internet. But now that I think about it, their faces are already all over the internet. On my FaceBook page, on my Twitter page. Yup. No hiding them.

Frankly, I am tired of trying to take pictures of them looking away from the camera just for the blog. So, here they are! My kids!

Little Man


Little Miracle


Little Miss


Aren't they cute? And now that they are out "in the open", I have a few more posts I am going to be sharing!!


1 comment:

Megan ♡​ said...

They are all so precious! :)
My sister-in-law is about to have her third child. She has two boys and is due in Feb with a little girl. Her kids are all close in age like yours. 2.5 years apart.
She's kind of a single mom though. I think she's going to have her hands full lol