Saturday, January 28, 2012

More Glow Stick Fun

We love our glow sticks here.

We play hide and seek with them almost every night.

Hints why I was at Target buying more today.

So I am standing in the check out line with Little Miracle and Little Miss {while Little Man was in preschool}, waiting on my turn to pay for the random things that I have in my buggy. The woman in front of me {with 2 small children herself} sees me putting glow sticks up on the check out counter. She starts talking about her friend.

Her friend who puts her kids in the bubble bath with the glow sticks and turns off the lights


I’m standing there in awe. Why didn’t I think of that already???

So, tonight we gave it a try! I filled the tub with water and bubbles. I did not tell the boys what my plan was.

Boys, not knowing what’s coming!

With the tub full of water and bubbles and two boys happily playing in the tub, I cracked the glow sticks and then turned the lights off.

The boys were not sure what just happened. They were wondering why they were taking a bath in the dark.

I let them wonder for a few seconds, and then right when they were about to ask for the lights back on, I tossed the glow sticks in the tub, lighting the tub up.


And they LOVED it. They did not want to get out!! They played happily for almost an hour. I felt the water temperature at the end of the bath time and it was ICE cold. But neither of the boys was complaining. They did not want to get out!

What a grand idea!!

Any other ideas for glow sticks??


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