Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Man's First "Camping" Trip

Stephen was at drill last weekend when I pulled the tent out and put it up in the play room to amuse the kids for a while.

We "pretended" to camp that weekend and the following few days when Stephen was out of town. We roasted pretend marshmallows, we told ghost stories, made pretend dinners and hid from pretend bears. The whole time Little Man kept asking me to let him sleep in the tent.

I told him when he Daddy gets home he could "camp" with Daddy. Little Man was SO excited when Daddy got home.

The night Daddy came home we tucked Little Miracle into his bed while Little Man and Daddy headed downstairs to "camp". Little Man had SO much fun sleeping with Daddy in the tent.

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I think when it gets warmer, I may send the boys on a REAL camping trip with Daddy.


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