Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Amuse Kids

I learned a 10 step process to thoroughly amusing my kids today.

Step 1: Spend half your morning building a really cool blanket tent

Step 2: Tie a safety pin to the end of a piece of thread

Step 3: Attach safety pin to top of tent

Step 4: Tie the other end of the thread around the ceiling fan pulling as tight as you can {thus raising the tent}. Tie the thread around the fan.

Step 5: Wait a day. This whole day, the boys will ignore the tent, refusing to play in it. But they will beg you to leave it up for tomorrow, because they swear they will play in it then. The next morning wake up feeling like crap and lay down on the couch while the boys go play in the tent

Step 6: Realize after about 30 minutes of it being *too quiet* you are now hearing something that sounds like the boys hitting each other, but with laughter involved

Step 7: Drag your sick self off the couch to see what they are doing

Step 8: Find this


The tent you took half the morning building on the floor. Two boys on the top of the tent, clapping and trying to catch *something* that is swinging in the air

Step 9: Freak out when you realize that something is now an open safety pin, swinging right at your child’s eye.

Step 10: Close the safety pin, and let them continue their game.

Seriously, the boys have been trying to catch that safety pin ALL day today. This is a “why play with the toy when the box is more fun” type thing I suppose.

I have since packed away all the blankets that made the tent, but Little Man requested “you please leave this up?” {talking about the thread and safety pin}. Sure Man, you got it.


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Amber H said...

Love this! I may need to tie something to the ceiling fan. I'll skip your totally awesome tent. I'm also known for just handing my kids boxes instead of toys, sticks instead of shovels, and pipe cleaners instead of expensive craft kits. But seriously, your tent is awesome, I'm impressed even if the boys weren't.

Also...very glad there was no "safety pin in the eye" blog post.