Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Who would have thought a kid can be allergic to bananas? Or intolerant to bananas?

Little Man had some major tummy problems starting in late August. He had almost constant diarrhea. He had just potty trained but was back in pull ups because of this. Even with the pull ups we had to change sheets and take baths in the middle of the night a few times. It was that bad.

I asked the pediatrician about it when I had Little Miracles 9 month appointment in September. At that time we thought it was a milk thing. At the advice of the pediatrician we stopped all dairy.

And it got better.

For a week or so.

We took Little Man back to the pediatrician in late September and this time he ran a slew of tests. He looked for parasites and for celiac, or gluten intolerance. All these came back normal, so he said it was most likely what they call “toddlers diarrhea” which is caused by too much juice and he will likely be over it soon.

Well, we don’t drink juice here, so mama knew better.

For the next few weeks he had spells of this. Off and on. One day he would be fine, the next he would be a mess. Then he was ok for a week.

We took Little Man back to the pediatrician in early October for his 3 year well check and I mentioned he was still having diarrhea. The pediatrician offered to send him to a G.I. specialist if I was that concerned. Since it was off and on and Little Man seemed to be fine otherwise, I said I was not that concerned.

I had a feeling it was something he was eating.

A short time after his 3 year appointment I gave Little Man some eggs for breakfast. He had a banana as a snack. That afternoon he was sick again. I knew it was either eggs or bananas because he had not had either for a week or so and was fine before that.

So the next day, I gave him a banana at breakfast. And guess what, he got sick again. A few days later, I gave him strawberry banana yogurt (not on purpose, I did not realize it was that flavor) and he was sick again shortly after that. After almost 3 months we had an answer!

How do you tell a kid who LOVES bananas that he can’t have them? Anyone else have this problem?

Now we are a banana free house.


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