Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dollar Store Fun

Today is Veterans Day. I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who serves in the military, be it past, present or future.

Today is also my husbands 30th birthday.


Not being a gift person, we usually skip birthday gifts. Not this year. This year I decided to take Little Man to the Dollar Store to pick out whatever he wanted to give to Daddy.

I brought my mom along for back up.

We arrived at the store and Little Man was so excited. He knew he was getting Daddy a present. I told him he could pick out any 3 things. Whatever he wanted to give to Daddy.

He proceeded to walk down every aisle and touch everything. When he would pick up something I would ask him “do you want to get that for Daddy?”

“no” he would say and put it back in its little spot on the shelf.

“Pickles? Do you want to get pickles for Daddy?” “no”

“Elmo plates? Do you want to get Elmo plates for Daddy?” “no”

Glow sticks, sunglasses, Christmas lights, truck balloons, a toy gun, toothpaste, a soup spoon, a bath sponge, plastic forks, a wreath, socks, balls, padlocks, measuring tapes, candy bars, a hair brush.

This continued for what felt like an hour. Finally he decided on a flashlight. He dug thru every flashlight first trying to find one that worked. He would pick one up, try to turn it on, then put it back down when it would not turn on. No matter how many times I explained to him that they all need batteries. He finally decided on a black flashlight with a yellow ring on it.

Then he decided on a yellow spray bottle and a toilet bowl cleaner.

Then we picked out a card and a gift bag. The card Little Man picked out had a rainbow and flowers on it, that’s why he liked it. At least it was a birthday card.

This morning we bagged up his presents and Little Man excitedly brought Daddy his new treasures. Little Man was excited to show Daddy the presents picked out just for him.




Daddy loves his “bathroom cleaning kit”. He says he can put bleach in the spray bottle, and use the flashlight to see the dirt better while he cleans the bathroom. (Who is he kidding? We all know who actually cleans the bathrooms around here)

We have a date afternoon/night planned and we are both super ready for some time off together without the kids!

While I wish I could take credit for the Dollar Store idea, I first read about it



Nephy said...

What a cute idea. And I CANNOT read that Simpler Life website without crying my eyes out.

Nephy said...

I meant Small Things.