Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am SO glad October is O.V.E.R! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I was really excited that this year it was going to be beautiful!

Saturday morning we went to a church festival in the morning. Bounce houses, pizza, games, prizes, hay rides, petting zoos. Little Mans heaven. And the leading cause of skipped naps.

We left that festival and drove around for an hour letting Little Miracle sleep in the car, and hoping Little Man would nap. No such luck.

At 3 pm we headed to a town near by for their Kids Fest. My church does a lot of volunteer work with this town so a lot of the booths were manned by my church peeps. It was way too crowded for a cranky (read no nap) toddler though so we did not stay long.

At 5 we went to our local mall for their trick or treating. We went last year but got no candy at all. We were super late last year, and it rained, so I think that is why. This year we made it a plan to get there right when it started. We did and Little Man got lots of candy! It started to get way crowded when we were headed out, and stores were getting lines for the candy, so we went ahead and left.

On the way home we drove around the neighborhood to see if the kids were out that night and they were not. I don’t understand the “Halloween falls on a Sunday, so lets trick or treat on Saturday instead” mentality. Some say it’s because it’s a school night, well, when it falls on a Tuesday, we trick or treat on a Tuesday, so why is Sunday any different? Some say it’s because Halloween is a satanic holiday and Sunday is the Lords day. Well, I don’t believe that Halloween is a satanic holiday. Yes, some people probably make it out to be one, but we do not.

Sunday night we went trick or treating. Little Man knew right what to do this time! The only problems we had was he kept trying to go into peoples houses. They would open the door, give him candy, and he would stand there staring inside. That and he tried to take the candy instead of having people place it into his bucket. Not a problem but we taught him to hold his bucket up instead. We went around our neighborhood for almost 2 hours. It seemed that about half the houses were doing trick or treating. He got 2 full buckets of candy, so we headed home.

The candy has been put up in our pantry so he can’t have free range on it. He has all but forgotten about it for now.

Halloween costumes are back in the closet. Until next year!


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