Monday, November 8, 2010

Sensitive Soul

I have been trying to describe my Little Miracle for the past 11 months.

What have I come up with?

He is a sensitive soul.

He fussed non stop for the first 6 weeks of his life. First we blamed it on colic, then reflux. Then we said he was just fussy. Then we called him cranky. Now I see it is just his personality.

After those first frustrating 6 weeks, he slowly started to calm down. He would no longer scream all night. He started to actually look at things around him. Then he learned how to crawl, and that helped a little because he could actually get to the things that he wanted to see. At about 8 months old he was finally not fussing all night and day long. He is now 11 months old and still generally fussy. I avoid calling him high needs but I believe that is what he is.

He is a touch child. He NEEDS to be held, comforted, loved and stroked. If he is in his jumper and he sees you coming toward him, he gets a HUGE grin on his face, he knows he is about to be picked up. He will scream the entire way home in the car, but as soon as the car pulls into the garage and he hears the door shutting, he stops. He knows his touch is coming. He fusses when Daddy holds him and Mama walks into the room. He is addicted to nursing and would do it all day and all night if I let him.

He does not like loud noises or anyone crying. Little Man hurt his finger the other day while playing and came to me for "Mama kiss it" and then let out a hurt cry and wanted to be snuggled. Little Miracle looked at Little Man and got upset. He started screaming. He wanted to be comforted because he did not like his brother’s cry.

He is still co-sleeping with us. I thought we would do what we did with Little Man and move him to his own crib at 6 months old, but he needs more. He starts out in his crib, but ends up in our bed. I know he will eventually be in his own crib/bed sleeping all night, so I don’t mind him coming in with us for now. He just needs to be close to his Mama.

He is ok playing on the floor as long as Mama is in the same room. I don’t dare leave the play room to go to the restroom or, God forbid, do laundry. He will follow me all the way to the laundry room fussing at me the whole way.

So is a sensitive soul child a bad thing? Not really, just very trying.


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Cait said...

My brother was a sensitive soul too.. He still is,but, my parents will be the first to tell you that he tried every fiber of their patience. And that every nerve on their body was frazzled. He just cried constantly. But,by the time he was one and up right, he was much more mellow. :)
So I hope L.M. mellows out for you girl!