Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Hate Gifts

I hate gifts. I hate shopping for gifts. I hate receiving gifts. Trying to find that perfect something for friends or family drives me crazy. Driving to a billion stores and fighting all the crowds just for a gift. Not worth it for me!

Needless to say, Christmas is not one of my favorite seasons because it seems to revolve around gift giving.

I decided last year, after searching endlessly for the perfect gifts for all my friends and spending way too much money that I was not going to do it that way again. I decided to give to my friends favorite charities.

I also want them to do the same for me.

Problem is, I have no clue who I want them to give too. I like many charities that are well known, but part of me wants to find a local one. One that gives back to the community that I live in.

Have you ever tried to Google local charities? Oh – I have. There are about 10 billion websites that list charities and what their tax IDs are and all the legal stuff about them, but these sites don’t tell you what the charity actually does. I want to know what I am supporting.

I would like to find a local one that does something for pregnant or new moms.

Anyone know of a good way to find this?


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~Monica~ said...

Maybe you could try calling one of the hospitals or an OB office or ask at the Pediatrician's? They might be able to point you in some directions.