Friday, November 19, 2010

Writers Block?

I’m staring at the blinking curser on my screen and nothing is coming to mind. I had a billion ideas when I decided to do NaBloPoMo and most of them I just don’t feel like writing about right now. I can’t seem to get focused on my blog this month. I guess my brain has been everywhere else but here.

I did really well for the first few weeks, but this last week has been tough. I have posts in my head about politics, food, my babies… but my fingers just don’t want to work with my brain and get them down on paper, er... the computer. Especially the politics one. I have started writing it a billion times, and I end up deleting the entire thing. I have different opinions on most political subjects and I know I will end up pissing off some people because of my views, and I just don’t feel like pissing off more people in my life right now.

Hopefully I can snap out of my writers block in the next few days and get back to posting great posts. Heck, I may even bite the bullet and write the political one. But for now, my spring cleaning continues and my laundry is calling.


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