Friday, November 12, 2010

Date Night.

Stephen and I finally got a date night. Last time we had one was May, and even then we didn't get out, just got away from the kids.

Last night we got a babysitter and took off. We went Christmas shopping for the boys, ate dinner, went Geocaching and then had a few drinks in a nearby town square.

It. Was. Awesome

A much needed night off.

We got home just before bedtime and ended up playing with the boys for well over an hour. Then we wrestled them to bed way past their bedtime.

It was very nice to have a kid free dinner and time to focus on just each other. We don't do it near enough.


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SouthernMama said...

Glad you had a great date night! I'm a BIG fan of date nights, and very thankful for an amazing babysitter that I can trust.